A guide to downtown Moab

Moab is most famous for its beautiful desert landscape and red rock formations. But you can expect much more than that. With the diversity of passing travelers, or those who have chosen to inhabit this play, many diverse cultures have been brought here. You can enjoy everything you’d expect from a small town in America, but don’t be surprised to find a South African restaurant at a Vietnamese fusion venue that delivers great late-night performances.

Moab may be most famous for its surrounding natural beauty, but there’s still plenty to enjoy in the small town of Moab. Here are some of the best malls in this small desert town.

Moab does

This is a modern art boutique located in the center of Moab. All items for sale here are locally made. You can take home a little piece of Moab from the community.

  • Address – 82 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532

This is a gift shop that offers handcrafted Native American jewelry and pottery, as well as Southwestern decor at a great price.

  • Address – 70 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532

Indigo Alley

This chic boutique offers trendy, stylish and unique clothing and shoes at great prices. It’s a great place for a day of fashionable shopping.

  • Address – 77 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532

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The best restaurant in downtown Moab

Moab has a great selection of restaurants with a surprising diversity of flavors. Expect your classic American dishes as well as flavors from around the world.

Garage Moab

This American-style coffee shop offers a pleasant and comfortable dining experience with a range of options. They are also vegetarian and gluten-free options, which makes it a welcoming place to eat.

  • Address – 78 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532-2303
  • Contact – (435)554-8467
  • Cost -$
  • must try – BLT and Burrito
  • Breakfast menu
  • Lunch menu

98 Moab Center

Between dining experience and nightlife, 98 Center Moab offers a Vietnamese-style dining experience with great food. In the evening they host local artists and open a great selection of drinks.

  • Address – 98 E Center St, Moab, UT 84532-2445
  • Contact – (435)355-0098
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – Vietnamese Pulled Pork Nachos
  • Menu

hidden kitchen

Offering an international dining experience, Hidden Cuisine prides itself on offering healthy and delicious meals. They do brunch and breakfast as well as dinner and have a fantastic selection of wines and beers.

  • Address – 2740 S Highway 191, Moab, UT 84532-3443
  • Contact – (435)259-7711
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – Shrimps curry
  • Menu

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Downtown Moab’s Best Nightlife

Moab’s nightlife is dominated by local bars and live music, but also offers various outdoor theaters and dining experiences that allow you to truly enjoy both Moab’s culture and nature.

Moab Backyard Theater

Beneath a cottonwood tree, performances at the Moab Backyard Theater are always unique. A short walk from the main street of Moab, you can catch shows and eat something at a great price.

  • Address – 56 West 100 South, Moab (next to Zax restaurant)
  • Website

Canyonlands day and night

This theater is located just two miles north of town, so it’s quick and easy to reach. Enjoy shows under the stars while you’re served a Dutch cowboy-style meal.

  • Address – 1861 N Hwy 191, Moab (north of Colorado River Bridge)
  • Website

Top rated hotels to book in downtown Moab

Moab has a mix of hotel and motel options as it is a popular destination for travelers. Here are some of the best available to choose from.

Upscale Hotels ($200 or more): Comfort Suites Moab near Arches National Park

Located near Arches Park, this Comfort Suites hotel offers luxury combined with convenience. It is also close to places such as St Pius X Catholic Church (0.3 km) and the Overlook Gallery (0.7 km), which can be easily reached on foot.

  • Cost per night – $218-$242
  • Address – 400 North Main Street, Moab, UT 84532-2127
  • ContactTrip.com
  • Customer Rating – 4.5
  • Hotel class – 2.5
  • Bonus amenities – Free breakfast, swimming pool

Hyatt Place Moab

Enjoying a scenic location atop the magnificent red rock that Moab is famous for, Hyatt Place Moab offers an ideal location and one of the most aesthetically pleasing swimming and lounging areas.

  • Cost per night – $204
  • Address – 890 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532-2187
  • ContactTrip.com
  • Customer Rating – 4.5
  • Hotel class – 3
  • Bonus amenities – Free breakfast, swimming pool

Moab Springs Ranch

Moab Springs Ranch is a private hotel located near the red rock cliff. This hotel offers natural springs and a grassland area that creates a beautiful oasis.

  • Cost per night – $304 to $324
  • Address – 1266 N Highway 191, Moab, UT 84532-2047
  • ContactMoab Springs Ranch website(435) 259-7891
  • Customer Evaluation – 5
  • Hotel Classroom – n / A
  • Prime Approvals – Swimming pool, hiking area, barbecue facilities, cafe

Budget Hotels ($199 or less): Adventure Inn & Motel

Adventure Inn and & Motel is committed to providing an affordable and comfortable experience during your exciting stay in Moab.

  • Cost per night – $130 to $139
  • Address – 512 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532-2129
  • ContactTrip.com
  • Customer Evaluation – 4.5
  • Hotel Classroom – 2
  • Bonus amenities – Complimentary breakfast, BBQ facilities

inca inn

Their motto is “to offer more for less” and they do this by offering a free continental breakfast and a well-maintained swimming pool. The latter is hard to find for Inca Inn’s price per night.

  • Cost per night – $136 to $155
  • Address – 570 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532-2129
  • ContactTrip.com
  • Customer Evaluation – 4.5
  • Hotel Classroom – 2
  • Bonus amenities – Free breakfast, swimming pool

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