A line break cuts off water in parts of downtown Denison

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) — Parts of downtown Denison lost water Wednesday afternoon after a water main broke.

Around 2 p.m. Wednesday, downtown business owner Philip Melton noticed something out of the ordinary.

“You can hear there’s nothing coming out,” Melton, owner of CBD American Shaman, said as he tried to turn on the tap. “It’s just air

Its water has cut off.

“I went to the toilet to get water to water my plants here, and that’s when I noticed it was coming out much slower. It got slower and slower and then it came down to a trickle,” Melton said.

But just outside his store, a completely different story unfolded.

“Very quickly we saw water running down the street,” Melton said.

The city of Denison said a water main had burst.

“The underground pipe was broken, caused the leak,” said Ervin Pariera.

The line broke next to City Hall and forced the city to shut off water to parts of downtown.

“This is our main transmission line in the region,” Pariera said.

They said the leak did not change last week’s request for residents to voluntarily conserve water.

“If you can save, we would really appreciate it, and it gives us enough volume in our water system to respond to emergencies,” Pariera said.

Pariera said breaks like Wednesdays are exactly why the city is making requests to conserve water in the first place.

“This time of year is our highest volume of water main breaks,” Pariera said. “It tends to happen more when it’s hot and dry outside, as the soil moves and reacts to the lack of moisture from the lack of rain. Please be patient with us. Our teams work very diligently.

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David H. Henry