A robbery was reported outside FBI headquarters in downtown Washington

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An armed robbery was reported Tuesday night in downtown Washington at 10th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue — likely an unusual location for such a crime, not because it’s downtown, but because it is a few steps from the front door of the FBI headquarters.

Officers were called to the intersection around 6.45pm after a robbery involving a firearm was reported there, a police spokesperson said. The victim was not described and it is unclear what was taken. No injuries were reported.

Even though the frequency of robberies has increased in the city this year, some places appear to be unlikely sites for such crimes to occur.

You certainly wouldn’t expect a robbery at the front door of the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover building, listed at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. But the building spans an entire block, from 9th to 10th, where the theft was reported.

Additionally, the FBI’s premises in Washington are guarded by the FBI Police, a law enforcement agency responsible for the security of FBI assets.

It was unclear Tuesday night how much thought had been given to those who carried it out instead of the heist.

Although the headquarters building is large and imposing in its massing, there is little dramatic or lively signage to suggest the work taking place inside.

And he wasn’t sure, based on officially available preliminary information, which of the four corners of the intersection was the crime site.

But it’s also true that the large federal building on the south side of Pennsylvania, across from the FBI building, is the headquarters of the Department of Justice.

David H. Henry