After success in Georgetown, The Escape Game opens second location in Downtown DC

In 2021, The Escape Game acquired Escape Room Live for a renovation in Georgetown. Now, the same company has opened a new downtown location at 950 F Street Northwest.

WTOP’s Jason Fraley presents The Escape Game (Part 1)

In 2021, The Escape Game acquired Escape Room Live for a renovation in Georgetown.

Today, the same company opened a new downtown location at 950 F Street Northwest.

“We’re on F Street, just around the corner from the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, just around the corner from Ford’s Theatre,” retail marketing coordinator Dylan Ward told WTOP. “We’re right between Metro Center and Gallery Place/Chinatown subway stations so it’s a really amazing place, super easy to get to and we’re really happy about it.”

Visitors can choose between four different games in the new location.

“All of our games are uniquely crafted at our adventure factory in Nashville, Tennessee,” Ward said. “There are surprises around every corner, they are very story driven. Rather than being locked in a room with a few locks and boxes, you are given a mission. You have 60 minutes with your team to solve puzzles and clues and finally escape.

The first game, “Special Ops: Mysterious Market”, turns you into a spy like 007.

“It’s one of my favorite pieces,” Ward said. ” The landscape is wonderful. … You play the role of a special agent in charge of this mission to verify this overseas spice market. You’re in this amazing environment…then while you’re checking things out, a story unfolds and you get caught up in this mission you really didn’t see coming.

The second game, “Prison Break”, will make you feel like “Shawshank”.

“This is our toughest game to escape,” Ward said. “You and your friends are separated at first in two different prison cells. You must communicate together to work together to break out of these cells and escape the prison before the warden returns. … It’s very difficult. It took me twice to play this game to actually win.

The third game, “The Depths”, recalls the images of “20,000 leagues under the sea”.

“This is one of our newest escape rooms,” Ward said. “The story is that you get into this submarine with this mission to find out what’s going on with this underwater lab…and escape before an underwater creature grabs your sub. -marine.”

The slot’s fourth and final game, “The Heist,” is fun for “Ocean’s Eleven” fans.

“‘The Heist’ which I love so much,” Ward said. “You try to recover a stolen painting that this art curator stole. You start in an art gallery, it looks like another museum…but when you start looking closely at the art…all of a sudden , this whole game opens.

All games downtown are 60 minutes long for 2-8 people.

Tickets are $34.99 per person with a supplement for private events.

Of course, you can also visit the Georgetown site with five other games.

“We have three one-hour games: ‘Dr. Whack’s Elixir of Life, ‘The Mummy’s Curse,’ and ‘A Pirate’s Adventure,'” Ward said. “Then we have two games that are 45 minutes long, so maybe you’re short on time or want a shorter experience, we have one called ‘Titanic’, which I’m sure you can guess what it’s all about. is, and one called “La Cabane”.

All games are family friendly, so you have to worry about jumps.

“What’s unique about The Escape Game that you’ll find different from other companies is that none of our themes are dark or scary, so they’re really great for any group,” said Ward. “Some puzzles are going to be challenging for those under 13, but they’re fun for any group of friends or family. Everyone can contribute to some level of the game.”

WTOP’s Jason Fraley presents The Escape Game (Part 2)

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David H. Henry