An apartment and retail building would fill the empty corner of downtown Dallas

Developers are seeking approvals for a new apartment building in a corner of downtown Dallas.

Centurion American Development Group wants to build the nine-story apartment and retail building on the vacant corner of Commerce and Harwood streets on the east side of downtown. The planned building would face Main Street Garden.

But first, builders must obtain Dallas Landmark Commission approvals because the development site is in a historic district.

Dallas architect 5G Studio Collaborative designed the building as an extension of the larger building that Centurion Development is constructing at the corner of Jackson Street. Both properties are in Dallas’ historic Harwood neighborhood, which features a hodgepodge of buildings built between the late 1800s and 1980s.

The proposed building would have “eight floors with 56 apartments above one floor allocated for commercial use”, according to the filing with the historic commission. “The proposed design is consistent with previously approved new construction, as well as differentiated but compatible with existing structures in the historic district.”

Still, the Landmark Commission task force gave the building design a thumbs up and asked the developer to make changes. Critics of the project have partly focused on the location of the new building next to a two-story 1920s building that now houses a 7-Eleven store.

5G Studios partner Yen Ong told Landmark Commission members at their last meeting that they were making changes to the planned building to address concerns from the Historic Preservation Committee.

“We felt like the architecture we’re bringing to the only remaining corner of Main Street Garden that’s open right now is of appropriate scale and character,” Ong told the Landmark Commission. “We are thrilled to complete this project, which has been ongoing for our company for five years.”

The Landmark Commission refused approval of the building plans and asked the developers to continue working with the task force on the project.

Centurion American was the real estate company of the company that redeveloped the historic Statler Hotel and the Old Dallas Public Library – two of Dallas’ mid-century landmarks – on the adjacent block of Commerce Street.

The Commerce Street project is one of many new buildings being constructed for the east side of downtown Dallas, which was previously dominated by smaller, turn-of-the-century commercial buildings and vacant lots.

Developers are now targeting the area for new residential, commercial and office construction.

The planned building would have retail on the corner of Commerce and Harwood with apartments above.(5G Collaborative Studio. )
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David H. Henry