Analy high school students stage pro-choice protest downtown

Students from several local schools gathered in downtown Sevastopol on Saturday for a pro-choice protest in response to the U.S. Supreme Court that could overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision on abortion rights.

About 50 youths, mostly high school or middle school students from Analy High School, West County High School and HillCrest Middle School, gathered at the intersection of Bodega Avenue and the Highway 116, joining the nationwide “Ban Our Bodies” movement, which began shortly after a Supreme Court majority bill in favor of overriding abortion rights was recently leaked.

Students held up homemade placards with messages such as ‘My body, my choice’ and ‘You can never ban abortion, you can only ban safe abortion’ as passers-by honked and clapped in sign Support. However, not everyone was so supportive.

“There are so many people who have driven by in the last hour who are against pro-choice and abortions, so our presence here is a good reminder that we still need to fight for these issues and raise awareness, even in California,” Dezirae said. Kai, 19 years old.

Kai and Hope English, 19, both students at Analy High School, hosted the event with Jezebel Juniper, a 20-year-old Analy High School graduate.

“We are fighting for the safety of all and the lives of women across the country,” Juniper said.

The protest began around noon with music and sign-making, thanks to a donation of poster boards and markers from Art and Soul of Sebastopol, a local art supply store. The group then gathered at the intersection to protest, where many stayed for a few hours.

The high school students decided to hold the event because they are all, as English puts it, “enraged” by the possibility of abortion rights being taken away from women across the country.

They stressed the need for more young people their age to join the protests and use their voices, as well as calling on older people to join them.

The students are planning another demonstration soon, but the date and time have not yet been determined. For updates, follow @dezzerz, @_hopeenglish and @jezebeljuniper on Instagram.

David H. Henry