Austin’s Busiest Bagel Shop Opens New Downtown Location

Only three months after the famous opening of Rosen’s Bagel Co.a permanent brick-and-mortar store housing a beloved former pop-up, a second location has opened downtown.

The new location which opened on Saturday April 23 at the Place de la République park. Located inside the park is a small lean-to with an order window, overhang, and white subway tiles that make the walk-in store look like it’s been ripped out of Union Square, Manhattan.

Rosen’s bagels strike the elusive balance between soft and chewy, made using a traditional process described step-by-step on the website. Served with potentially exotic “schmears” like lime-roasted poblano shallots and maple almonds, they distinguish between prototype and inventiveness. That’s a big thing to say about a bagel, but it’s good proof that you don’t need to ship big apple water to do it right.

In fact, Rosen’s isn’t from New York at all, despite the Jewish surname and bagel menu lingo. Founder Tom Rosen hails from Kansas — he went through Nashville and Phoenix for college and culinary school — and finally landed in Austin in 2013.

In perhaps the most common entrepreneur story, Rosen noticed a lack of something (i.e. good bagels) and baked them until his friends wanted them (i.e. good bagels). i.e. excellent bagels). These friends came to include the East Austin cafe Wright Bros. Brew and brew, which sold Rosen’s designs every weekend. Eventually, the pop-up operated from 15 local cafes.

Rosen’s first brick-and-mortar opened on January 13, 2022 on Burnet Road near The Domain and earned a nod as Nominated for the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards for Best New Restaurant in Austin. The store’s bright wall shelves feature wire baskets filled with bagels, including a relatively hard-to-find classic (in Austin, anyway), egg bagels, and their “everything” counterparts. If two locations still aren’t enough at 8 a.m., Rosen’s also makes deliveries.

In honor of its new location, Rosen’s is offering a festive 20% discount online orders to be collected at the Place de la République location until Sunday, May 1, using the code “downtown bagels”. Republic Square is located at 422 W. Fifth St., with paid parking along the southern border and a Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m.

David H. Henry