Auto thefts in Richmond are up 42% citywide and 218% downtown

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) — The River City is increasingly notorious for its rate of auto theft these days.

Richmond police are now sounding the alarm, saying statistics show it is 42 per cent higher than the same time last year. That’s 421 cars reported stolen, including one overnight.

“We had a vehicle that was stolen, and there was a low jack, and I guess the individual didn’t think he had had time to report it yet,” said Lt. Brian Robinson, of the service. Richmond Police Department.

So how is it going? Police said they have three areas of concern.

Scammers steal cars from valets outside hotels in downtown Richmond. Takeout delivery drivers leave their cars unattended and running, and people leave their keys inside their vehicles when making a pit stop at a convenience store.

“A lot of them are crimes of opportunity, especially in the city center where people go out and enjoy the time more. They come to town. We have events downtown. Events in other parts of the city, so opportunities have increased for individuals,” Lt. Robinson said.

Another major problem, people leave a key fob in their car. Even if your car is locked, crooks have the technology to get inside because the key fob is already there.

According to the police, once your vehicle is stolen, the facts often show that the car is not in the same condition before it was stolen, and sometimes it must be kept as evidence.

“Thieves are out there trying to do whatever they can to steal. So do everything you can to make your vehicle as undesirable as possible for scammers,” said Morgan Dean, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

It’s not just stolen cars. Things inside are too, including guns, laptops, and bags. According to the police, thefts from vehicles have increased by 54% compared to last year.

You can find more tips and tricks from AAA Mid-Atlantic here.

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David H. Henry