Board & Brush in downtown Panama City offers craft workshops and workshops

PANAMA CITY – You can get artistic and perfect your craft with the ability to create DIY wood projects all at once downtown Creation Workshop.

Board & Brush provides the opportunity for people to create personal projects through wooden art and doormats. Heather Risinger and Courtney Dickerson, co-owners and instructors of the franchise, hold craft workshops every week, hoping to empower their visitors to create anything and everything.

Located at 452 Harrison Ave. in downtown Panama City, Board & Brush hosts DIY classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Workshops are $68 per person with pre-registration required and reserved in line at least 48 hours in advance.

Located at 452 Harrison Ave.  in downtown Panama City, Board & Brush hosts DIY classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

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The owners began their journey creating crafts shortly after Hurricane Michael in 2018. They collected wood around town from downed trees, turned them into wooden creations, and sold them. in the local community.

“After the hurricane, I needed to stay busy because seeing my hometown destroyed was tough,” Risinger said. “We started making crafts with the wood we collected, and when we posted our creations on social media, people really liked them. They quickly became very popular, so we had the idea of ​​teaching others how to make them.”

With community support and awareness, Risinger and Dickerson knew this was the start of a new journey for them. They then created a plan to teach others, which resulted in Board & Brush opening on October 10, 2019, the first anniversary of Hurricane Michael.

“When we first opened, there weren’t a lot of businesses open downtown. There was only one restaurant open and our studio,” Dickerson said. “So it’s been fun to be a part of growing businesses here and seeing that downtown is making a comeback.”

Board & Brush customers have hundreds of models to choose from and all the tools and materials needed to produce them in-store.

The studio hosts various workshops available for all ages with 700 designs to choose from or the option to create their own design. Risinger said she encourages people to get creative and has seen people make crafts for just about any occasion.

“Just being there and encouraging people to make these creations for themselves is really good,” she said. “Nothing is perfect, so we like to give people the chance to take the wood apart before they start because imperfections give it character.”

While Friday and Saturday night classes are available for ages 16 and up, the studio offers classes for ages 13 and up on Thursday nights. All ages are welcome on Saturday afternoon. Additionally, the studio offers beer and wine options and allows reservations for craft parties and private events.

“We don’t let anyone go if they’re unhappy. We want people to be proud to display their work in their homes or give it as a gift,” Dickerson said. “It’s very rare that we’re not able to fix something, so that’s always our main focus.”

The owners hope to continue to serve Panama City through wood craftsmanship in a community-driven environment. They plan to expand their workshops over the summer to provide kid-friendly classes and hold frequent quiz nights. Additionally, Board & Brush now sells to-go DIY kits as well as crafts on its website.

The Board & Brush franchise was founded in 2015 in Hartland, Wisconsin. It started as a small studio with DIY wood sign workshops with wine and crafts and has expanded to 269 locations across the United States, adding a new studio to the map every month.

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David H. Henry