Bright lights from downtown Dallas skyscrapers annoy neighbors – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The bright lights of a new skyscraper in downtown Dallas have neighbors in the Farmers’ Market area complaining of difficulty sleeping.

A big new skyscraper is usually something Dallas celebrates, but current residents say that new building hasn’t been a good neighbor.

The 20-story structure at 300 Pearl Street is the anchor for development in the East End, which includes 30 properties, all under Todd Interests control.

Dallas City Council member representing the ward, Jesse Moreno, got answers Tuesday for residents’ top complaint.

The 10-story parking garage portion of the building has very bright lighting that beams onto the existing townhouses in the Farmers Market area to the south.

Andrew O’Toole said he had lived in an adjacent townhouse for 6 years, long before the tower was planned. He said the nails and construction debris that fell on his home over the past two years of construction were also a nuisance.

“But the light is crazy. It’s hard to explain if you’re not there after dark, but it will light up the whole roof from a distance,” he said.

Resident Jesse Holmes has lived for 12 years in his townhouse next to the overwhelming new tower. He only expected it to be a 4 story building and now the bright parking lot is even taller than that.

“It makes me angry because we called the city several times. They say they’re going to send people over, but they usually haven’t shown up to see what’s going on,” Holmes said.

The other side of the new building that faces the rest of downtown Dallas, where there are very few immediate neighbors, has screens covering the parking lot. A lamp post is brighter than the parking structure on this side.

There is no filter for bright lights on the Farmer’s Market side of the building.

A transient couple who live in a Deep Ellum rental house a little further from the bright lights said they see the new development in the neighborhood as an upgrade to downtown Dallas.

“I love it. I think it’s definitely one of the nicest neighborhoods, especially when we get the mix between the townhouses and the new high-rises coming in,” said neighbor Sara Passariello.

Teodor Anghel said some of the properties in the East End looked unsafe a decade ago.

“So right now we’re cleaning everything up and bringing in new developments. I think that’s all good. As long as they fix the problem with the lights, which should be an easy fix,” he said. declared.

Messages for senior Todd Interests officials left by NBC5 over the past two weeks have not been returned.

“Would it be okay with him if I took 400 lights and put them in his yard or just sprinkled nails in his driveway for two years so he’d have nails in his tires,” Jesse Holmes said. “I had to replace 7 tires of all the studs. We had adjusters here. They’ve been there. But they can’t do anything about the lights. Only the city can do that.

O’Toole said he overcame the loss of the view of the Dallas skyline he once had from the rooftop terrace of his townhouse, but wanted other issues to improve. .

“It’s just the way they did everything, the way the city handled the situation. Light pollution, litter, construction debris coming off,” O’Toole said. “They don’t take into account the people who live next door.”

Construction is still underway on the side of the tower that faces the neighbors of the Farmer’s Market.

Ward Councilman Jesse Moreno said he contacted officials with Todd interests after an investigation by NBC5 on Tuesday. Moreno said he was told screens had been ordered for the open side of the building and could arrive within two weeks.

David H. Henry