Church-in-Line carrying out renovations in its new downtown Albany location

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – A building in downtown Albany’s historic district will soon become a church housing many people.

Archie and Juanita Fowler appeared before the Albany-Dougherty County (HPC) Historic Preservation Commission so they could physically open the doors of their church, Jesus Pattern Ministries Inc.

“At home we had church, when the pandemic came and we started having church and we started talking on the phone. And so we bring in so many members over the phone,” Juanita said.

Pastor Juanita Fowler and her husband Archie Fowler plan to expand the back of their new church.(Source: WALB)

After having the church for about a month, the couple began planning renovations that will ensure accessibility for all.

“The main needs are the bathrooms. The bathrooms inside are so small,” Archie said.

Archie primarily uses a wheelchair to get around. He said he couldn’t get into the toilet at all.

“They are like a hole in the wall. A disabled person can’t get in there, a tall person can’t get in and out,” Archie said.

Angela Jones of the Albany-Dougherty County Historic Preservation Commission said the council was more than happy to give Archie and Juanita the green light.

“This church is everything we’re supposed to keep as commissioner of the Historic Preservation Commission,” Jones said.

Jones said Archie and Juanita Fowler aim to maintain the values ​​of Albany’s historic neighborhood even with upcoming renovations.

“I had no qualms and anybody else on the HPC had any issues about what the Fowlers wanted to do,” Jones said.

The Fowlers expect to welcome people into the new Jesus Model Ministries in late December.

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David H. Henry