Clickable, interactive and easily integrated – the Downtown Bay City calendar makes planning easy

Every night, live music comes from Wenonah Park, Third Street Waterfall Park, Uptown Bay City, and many bars and restaurants. Posters advertising festivals, races and special events fill store windows. And every evening, people wander the streets, stop to talk to each other, or enjoy the dish of the day at a favorite restaurant.

“There’s something to do every day of the week,” says Marjo Jaroch, executive director of Downtown Bay City.

Keeping track of the details of all the events and deciding where to go can be daunting, but Downtown Bay City’s new interactive calendar should make it easier.

In addition to concerts and community festivals, many businesses in the area offer live music and other acts to entertain customers in the summer.To find the schedule, visit the Downtown Bay City website and click on the events tab. Scroll down the page and click on the calendar. Click on each day and a list of events for that day, with all the details, opens at the bottom of the page. For more details, click on an individual event. A second option opens a Google calendar of events. Click on it and you will see an option to add the Downtown Bay City Events Calendar to your calendar.

Jaroch says the goal of each option is the same. “We wanted to keep it simple,” says Jaroch.

With up to a dozen activities each weekend and three to five events on certain weekdays, simplicity was important. Jaroch says timing makes a big difference.

“Throughout the year, we try to have a more succinct schedule where all the events are happening in town all the time,” she says. “We have more than 600 events organized from May to October, for all kinds of activities, most of them free. These don’t just come from the downtown management board, but from the entire community.

Events and activities include live music at several local restaurants, music and movies in Wenonah Park, yoga and wellness classes offered by various businesses, arts and children’s activities.

“There are a lot more programs than in the past,” says Jaroch, adding that companies have stepped up their efforts to sponsor community events. Businesses, clubs and individuals donated money and time to make the activities happen. As a result, new events are constantly being added to the calendar.

In addition to the new activities, Jaroch says there are a few must-do’s on the calendar. Open the calendar and you’ll find classics like Bay City Boat Lines tours on the Saginaw River. Historic tours are free and all outings are listed on the calendar.

“We continue to update regularly,” she adds.

Having everything accessible on the Downtown Bay City website is new this year, as are some of the activities, Jaroch says.

“We’ve never had any of this on our downtown pages before,” she says.
“People come together and create that vibe,” says Jaroch. “It’s not just a band, it’s the whole community working together.”

David H. Henry