Crews work overnight to repair major water main break in downtown Middletown – NBC Connecticut

Middletown Police said crews will be working through the night to determine the source of a burst water main in the town center.

Officials said the main main break impacted Main and Court streets. The streets were flooded with brown water and the asphalt was lifted and bent in all directions.

Crews are also working to temporarily repave the intersection.

Police said Main Street was closed from Dingwall Drive to Washington Street. Drivers are advised to use DeKoven Drive and Broad Street to circumnavigate the break.

“People can see harmless sediment that gives their water a brown tint. They should run cold water faucets to clear the lines,” police said.

The police said it will take some time before it is cleared.

NBC Connecticut

Middletown Mayor Ben Florsheim said the main disruption affected services across the city. Residents are advised to expect low or no water pressure for the next few hours.

Municipal authorities are asking people to avoid the area. Crews are on the scene to repair the break.

“Please note that a main rupture can cause higher than normal flow rates and scour the inside of water pipes and stir up harmless sediment that can cause water discoloration,” city officials said.

People should avoid drinking tap water, washing dishes or clothes until it runs clear, officials said.

“It was a water rush and honestly it was super intense,” said Julia Kosienski, hostess of Fiore II restaurant. “Everyone was rushing to see what was going on. »

Kosienski was driving to work when she came face to face with the spill and the cracked road. She said the water in the restaurant was discolored from the break.

“We have water that has no water pressure and it’s brown so we can’t serve it,” Kosienski said. “I hope this will be corrected so that businesses are not affected.”

Restaurants say they are waiting to see if the mess will affect their busiest time of the week. City officials said there are currently four businesses without water.

“They’ve isolated and closed the valves so you can see we’re not having any more water loss,” said acting director of community and economic development Bobbye Knoll Peterson.

Officials said they isolated the area where the rupture occurred and shut off the water to that area.

“They’ll walk up the sidewalk, they’ll find the real break and they’ll fix it,” Peterson said. “There should be no problems, most of our restaurants will be able to continue serving as normal.”

NBC Connecticut

Peterson said he has contacted statewide health and water safety partners and that a boil water advisory is not required.

“Until we put the cement in place, we don’t know what’s underneath or what the break was,” he said. .”

David H. Henry