David’s Legacy: Worship and Praise, Not Violence

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THURSDAY 6.16.22 1 Chronicles 25:1, 7; 2 Chronicles 29:25-27, Ezra 3:8-11

1 Chronicles 25

1 David and the officers of the host set apart the family of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun, for the service of prophecy accompanied by lyres, harps and cymbals.

As for Asaph, Jeduthun and Heman, 7 there were 288 of them, together with their relatives, who had learned to sing to the LORD and who were all skilful.

2 Chronicles 29

25 Hezekiah had the Levites stand in the temple of the LORD with cymbals, harps, and citharas, as the LORD had commanded by David, the seer of king Gad, and the prophet Nathan. 26 While the Levites sat down holding David’s instruments, and the priests their trumpets, 27 Hezekiah ordered the burnt offering to be offered on the altar. As they began to offer the whole burnt offering, the song of the Lord also began, accompanied by the trumpets and other instruments of King David of Israel.

Ezra 3

8 In the second month of the second year after their arrival at the house of God in Jerusalem, Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel and Jeshua the son of Josadak and the rest of their family, the priests and the Levites and all who had come of captivity in Jerusalem—began. They appointed Levites aged 20 and over to supervise the work of the house of the Lord. 9 Then Jeshua with his sons and his relatives, Kadmiel and his sons, Binnui and his sons, the children of Judah, and the sons of Henadad, the Levites, and their sons and relatives, cooperated to watch over the workers in the house of God.
10 When the builders laid the foundations of the temple of the LORD, the priests arrayed in their tunics and carrying their trumpets, and the Levites the sons of Asaph with cymbals rose up to praise the LORD according to the instructions of the king. of Israel, David. 11 They praised and thanked the Lord, singing in response: “He is good, his kindness to Israel endures forever.
All the people cried out in praise to the Lord because the foundation of the house of the Lord had been laid.

Reflection Questions

“Eventually David returns to God, but not without great suffering in his own family and in the kingdom over which he rules…. David is worthy of our admiration in many ways, but his entire story reminds us that even the most worthy life can fall from heights. * (Read Psalm 51 to see David’s path to repentance and restoration.) Generations later, Israel remembered him primarily as a worshiping musician and poet, not the darkest chapters of his history .

  • David was a gifted musician. (Click here to see him as depicted in the Resurrection Leawood stained glass window, wearing a crown with his hand resting on his harp.) He enlisted many gifted musicians to lead Israel in worship. The Chronicles say his “praise choir” included 288 skillful singers! “In their song these Levites proclaimed the praises of God and thus instructed the people about God.” **Our resurrection musicians carry on this wonderful tradition, not only by playing and singing, but by teaching us about God through new songs of worship and praise. Click here to hear “Perfect Love (How Could It Be?),” a newly premiered premiere, and let it instruct you and bring you closer to God today in a way that is different than a matter of thought. printed could do it.

    (For more musical inspiration, scroll down or click the GPS Insights tab to read more about Mikiala Tennie’s Mama Rose and hear her sing “I Go to the Rock.”)


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me imperfectly with a perfect love. Thank you for offering David, and all his successors in music ministry, to guide me and teach me about you. Amen.

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David H. Henry