Downtown Davis Hosts 2nd Friday ArtAbout Tours

Massive art walking tours reappear after pandemic hiatus

By RIDDHI PURANIK — [email protected]

Downtown Davis Business Association, hosts monthly self-guided tours that explore Davis’ art installations, galleries and businesses. Downtown Davis website says that ArtAbout tours will take place on the second Friday of each month.

Tours aim to help visitors discover local and regional talent by showcasing a variety of artistic elements. Natalie Nelson, director of Pence Gallery and an administrator of ArtAbout, spoke about the objectives of the project.

“At least now, ArtAbout’s primary goal is to create a sense of community and connection through the arts, and of course to support our participating artists and art venues by offering artwork for sale. ” said Nelson. “It’s the premier monthly visual arts event in our city, and it’s the culmination of countless hours and money spent by artists showcasing their latest work. It’s also important for the non-art businesses that participate, as they too have been impacted by the Covid issues, and so it generates traffic and interest in their own business.

ArtAbout is a free event, open to the general public. All venues host open arts receptions led by regional and local artists. The tour not only showcases art venues, but also includes local businesses that offer food and entertainment.

According to Nelson, Davis 2nd Friday ArtAbout has been around since the 1990s. Since 2008, it has been coordinated by the Davis Downtown Business Association. The website adds that the event takes place from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monthly calendars and tour guides are available on Artery’s website.

July’s ArtAbout took visitors across town to the Pence Gallery, Logos Books, Bankers Lending Group, Arboretum Art works, The Artery, The Paint Chip and other off-map events such as the Davis Community Gallery.

ArtAbout offers a way for people to meet artists and hear them talk about their work. It presents a learning experience about downtown and art while being a social event where one can meet new people. Nelson talks about his favorite aspects of ArtAbout tours.

“I love seeing the art studios at the Arboretum, or Third Space Collective, which also has studios. You can see people doing work right in front of you and buying it directly from the artist,” Nelson said.

The Pence Gallery website mentions that their partners, Logos Books and the Artery, also host receptions at their respective locations.

Pence Gallery website describes ArtAbout as a “wonderful celebration of new exhibits, held at various locations in downtown Davis”.

These places are made available on flyers the Tuesday before ArtAbout. The website also clarifies that the ArtAbout 2nd Friday events are sponsored by Dawn Coder, Coldwell Select Real Estate and the Davis Downtown Business Association.

ArtAbout tours take place year-round at art-friendly venues in downtown Davis. These events provide exciting opportunities to explore parts of Davis that might have been left unexplored. Nelson explained why ArtAbout is important to Davis.

“ArtAbout is really important for art venues because that’s when we get about half of our monthly visitors, and almost all of our art purchases are made on opening night. So stop!” Nelson said.

Written by RIDDHI PURANIK — [email protected]

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