Downtown LA streets close for Summit of the Americas – NBC Los Angeles

The week-long Summit of the Americas opens Monday, bringing together world leaders from several countries in downtown Los Angeles.

The summit will begin on Monday and continue through Friday. That means a week of street closures and heavier than usual traffic in downtown Los Angeles, especially around the Convention Center.

Here’s what to know if you’re driving in the area.

What does the Summit of the Americas mean for traffic in downtown LA?

Traffic throughout downtown Los Angeles, near the convention center and at LAX will be impacted.

To see the full list of areas that will be affected and other useful tips for getting around during the summit, use this link.

The Los Angeles Mayor’s Office released an official statement urging drivers to prepare for traffic. In the statement, they urged travelers that if they needed to access affected areas, they were prepared to experience long wait times.

Freeways like the 10, 101 and 110 are all expected to see increased traffic.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation does not expect any type of delays or cancellations for normal scheduled trips.

This map shows street closures during Summit of the Americas week in downtown LA.

Downtown Los Angeles street closures to be aware of for Summit of the Americas

The following list of street closures has been provided by Metro.

  • The connector runs from Highway 10 eastbound and westbound to Highway 110 North.
  • • Northbound 110 freeway leads into downtown LA to include Pico Boulevard, 9th Street, 6th Street, 4th Street and 3rd Street.
  • The 110 freeway south exits for 6th Street and Wilshire Boulevard.
  • Figueroa Boulevard, north and south traffic, between Washington Boulevard and 3rd Street.
  • Pico Boulevard, eastbound and westbound traffic, between Union Avenue and Grand Avenue.
  • 7th Street, eastbound and westbound traffic, between Bixel Street and Flower Street.
  • Wilshire Boulevard, eastbound and westbound traffic, between Bixel Street and Flower Street

Several other streets will be closed in downtown Los Angeles intermittently.

Why is the Summit of the Americas taking place in Los Angeles this year?

During the 2018 summit, former US Vice President Mike Pence suggested the idea of ​​the next summit being hosted in the United States. This is the second time the United States has hosted the summit since 1994.

LA was chosen as the host city for the summit due to its rich and diverse history and serves as a melting pot of cultures with a population representing approximately 140 different countries. LA is also home to the largest Hispanic and Latino communities in the United States.

Then, in January 2022, the White House officially announced that LA would be the host city.

Here’s what to know about this week’s Summit of the Americas. Video aired Monday, June 6, 2022 on Today in LA.

What is the Summit of the Americas?

The meetings include leaders from countries in North, South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. This year’s theme at the Los Angeles Convention Center is “Building a sustainable, resilient and equitable future.”

The very first Summit of the Americas took place in 1994 in Miami, Florida, convened by former US President Bill Clinton.

The goal of the summit is to bring together world leaders from countries in the Western Hemisphere and have productive conversations on issues such as economic growth, democracy, improving communication between countries and human rights. the man.

At this year’s summit, the United States will host three forums that will guide the direction of the summit.

These three forums are the Ninth Civil Society Forum, the Sixth Americas Youth Forum, and the Fourth Americas CEO Summit.

The mission of each forum is to foster dialogue between political leaders.

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