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New or renovated colored murals.

New benches and a bike rack.

A solar charging station for phones.

A digital kiosk to connect shoppers and visitors to local businesses.

A new walking surface.

All in an alley off Main Street in downtown Lock Haven which, frankly, was an eyesore.

Thank you, Lock Haven City Planner Abbey Roberts and city leaders and staff for writing the grant to T-Mobile.

Thanks to the Keystone Central School District students in Fred Hoy’s Drawing and Design class for their key help in this project.

Thank you, T-Mobile for providing a $50,000 grant to the city to get this started and reinforce that public-private partnerships are essential for economic growth.

Thank you, local businesses, for your investments downtown.

Thank you, Downtown Lock Haven Inc. for such a great job promoting our business district and our community.

As Mayor Joel Long said, the initiative will help “transform… a unique entrance to our city center” from the busy Water Street car park/parking area.

Some may say, “It’s just an alley.”

No, it’s not just an alley. It’s part of our community’s living room, as we often call downtown.

The new streetscape in Lock Haven with beautiful new trees has brought great downtown appeal.

Repairs to various intersections to address stormwater issues result in (yet again) new sidewalks and crosswalks.

And we expect the new traffic lights now punctuated by large black boxes (rather unsightly). Still, if the new controls will give pedestrians the exclusive right to cross the street without fear of traffic, that’s a good thing.

We’ll steal the lyrics to Petula Clark’s famous song, “Downtown:”

“So go downtown

Things will be fine when you’re


No better place for sure


Everything is waiting for you (downtown, downtown)”

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David H. Henry