Downtown Painesville Organization delves into the city’s history – News-Herald

The Downtown Painesville organization hosted its Founders’ Day Breakfast as part of a celebration of the city’s past, present and future.

The event has been hosted by Flavors Around The Square, a restaurant in downtown Painesville since 2013.

The event honored those who have made an impact on the community, with several awards given to those who have helped the city through their hard work.

Painesville City Councilman Jim Fodor and Downtown Painesville Organization Board Vice Chair Jennifer Dobrzeniecki present awards to those who have helped improve the Painesville community at the breakfast of the day of the DPO founder. (John Butler – The News-Herald)

“It is our honor to be here this morning and to honor and recognize those who have impacted our community,” said Painesville City Councilman Jim Fodor. “It’s a real honor to recognize menial jobs, I think that’s basically what the DPO is all about. It’s a way to recognize the people who change our community.

Justin Severa received the General Paine Leadership Award for his work with the Painesville Friday Night Car Cruise events.

Jason Levine, founder of The Local Flavors Shoppe, who died last year, received the Spirit of Painesville Award for his work to strengthen locally made food and artisan products in the town of Painesville. Levine’s wife Laura and daughter Mia accepted the award on his behalf.

Laura and Mia Levine, wife and daughter of the late Jason Levine, founder of The Local Flavors Shoppe, accept the Spirit of Painesville Award on his behalf. The award was presented by DPO Board Vice Chair Jennifer Dobrzeniecki, far right. (John Butler – The News-Herald)

The guest speaker was Tonya Busic, Director of Programs and Events for the Lake County History Center. She gave a presentation on “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in Lake County”, detailing the history of Lake County.

The event was a way to honor Painesville’s founder, General Edward Paine, who with a group of 66 early settlers came to the area in 1800 and made it his home.

The breakfast was also an opportunity for Painesville businesses to meet and learn about the history of the town where their organizations operate.

Tonya Busic, Director of Programs and Events Manager for the Lake County History Center, presents the history of Lake County and its mansions. (John Butler – The News-Herald)

“At the end of the 19th century, Cleveland was a big industrial city,” Busic said. “Eventually wealthy families started looking for their own family properties somewhere with more space and fresh air. People were looking for a better life than they would find downtown.

She explained how some groups migrated from Cleveland and began settling in Lake County. This led to the development of Grand Hotels in the Little Mountain area.

From there, more and more people began to settle in the area, leading to the appearance of an array of mansions and estates throughout Lake County in the early 1800s.

The Lake County Historic Center is looking for volunteers to lead tours, educate youth, help with their museum and library and much more. If you are interested in volunteering, call 440-639-2945.

David H. Henry