Downtown: The perfect place for TroyFest – The Troy Messenger

Mack Gibson is one who remembers TroyFest when it was the Jean Lake Festival and located under the trees and around the bend in the Pike Pioneer Museum.

“We loved the arts and crafts show when it was at the museum and long before it became the major downtown Troy event that it is today,” Gibson said. “Where TroyFest is now, in the plaza, is the right place. Downtown Troy is the perfect place for that to happen.

Gibson said those with a vision for a two-day arts show in downtown Troy had exactly the right idea.

“Downtown Troy now mimics the art world, with two city museums and art shops popping up all over town,” Gibson said. “TroyFest is the calling card for artists to come to downtown Troy and show off their work and demonstrate their techniques.”

Gibson said TroyFest is one of the major events taking place in the city of Troy and throughout the county.

“Brenda Campbell and her staff at the Johnson Center for the Arts work with the University of Troy and together they bring very talented and versatile university students in music, art and dance to downtown Troy,” said Gibson. “Troy is becoming a very involved community. We’re not just a once in a while artistic community; we are an artistic community and how exciting and wonderful it is for all people of all ages.

Gibson, former president of the Troy-Pike Cultural Arts Foundation and longtime member of the Troy Arts Council, said Troy is fortunate to have young people who understand and appreciate that the arts play an important role in any community.

“These young people are stepping up and taking some of the burden off our shoulders and that’s the only way for us to keep moving forward in the arts,” he said. “We must have, we must have, those who are dedicated to giving back to their community; those who understand what it means to be involved. They are the kind of people who make a community what it should be, what we want it to be and what it can be.

Gibson said when he looks around TroyFest each year and sees young people involved, he knows that Troy, Alabama will long be known as an arts community.

“It says a lot about a community and its people,” he said. “I’m proud of Troy, Alabama and TroyFest and can’t wait to be there.”

David H. Henry