Downtown Waukesha Businesses Anticipate Memorial Day Parade | Waukesha County News

WAUKESHA – Since the November 21 attack on the Waukesha Christmas Parade, the downtown community has been anticipating the return of a parade and other festivities to downtown Waukesha with the upcoming Memorial Day Parade which will take take place on Monday, May 30.

The event includes a new parade route and the implementation of new technology known as Movable Vehicle Barriers (MVB) around the perimeter of the parade, preventing vehicle access along the route.

Owner Norm Bruce of Martha Merrell’s Books & Toys, 231 W. Main St., said the parade is good because it lets the public know that normal things can happen downtown.

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“The Memorial Day Parade is something that has been a tradition and I guess it will probably be even bigger than what we’ve had in the past, with people wanting to express their gratitude that the parade is happening,” he said. said Bruce.

Joe Lester of the Divino Gelato Cafe, 227 W. Main St., said he was aware the city had taken serious precautions to ensure there was a remote possibility that what happened during the Waukesha Christmas Parade happens again.

“We’re open 1 to 8 p.m. on Monday, Memorial Day, and Memorial Day is normally a really big day for us, so we’re thrilled for that…this whole weekend is big enough for us, that’s nice. of an introduction to the summer,” he said.

Vinyl Vault Records owner Dan Schneiderman, who opened the downtown Waukesha vinyl business at 275 W. Main St. about eight months ago with his wife Michele, said he was really thrilled that they bring the festivities back to downtown Waukesha – allowing downtown to thrive.

“I don’t necessarily think (people) avoid downtown,” he said. “I think at first it was difficult to come downtown for obvious mental (health) reasons, but I think people are finally feeling that it’s okay to come and shop and do these things.”

Joan Skimmons, owner of River’s End Gallery, 380 W. Main St., said things have been slow downtown since the parade and it would be nice for people to come back and visit the upcoming events. Skimmons said a variety of factors could impact his business, including inflation, construction and more.

Skimmons’ gallery won’t be open on Monday, but they’re looking forward to the return of upcoming Friday Night Live events this Friday.

Lynn Gaffey, owner of the Almont Gallery, 242 W. Main St., said that as the fourth generation A resident of Waukesha, she wants the festivities to continue downtown.

“The city has been great about buying this expensive blockade type stuff and I think it’s for people – we always get feedback from people saying they don’t want to come downtown and we want to tell them that it’s okay, we have to keep things go,” she said.

Vehicle barriers, new parade route

Bruce said the Memorial Day Parade is a type of test run for some of the new safety measures that will also be incorporated into Friday Night Live events this summer.

The Waukesha Allied Veterans Council will hold the Memorial Day Parade at 10 a.m. with a new parade route, for Memorial Day and future parades, including the 4th of July and the Waukesha Christmas Parades.

In addition, signs will be posted on the affected streets on Sunday evening – not allowing vehicles to park along roads inside the perimeter of the parade route starting Monday morning at 7 a.m. Violators’ vehicles will be towed.

There will be no perimeter access from 9:30 a.m. Monday. Traffic cannot enter or exit the parade perimeter until the end of the parade, scheduled for around 11 a.m. Monday.

Additionally, the city will use Modular Vehicle Barriers (MVB) for the Memorial Day Parade and future outdoor events, including Friday Night Live.

Featured parade participants include Mayor Shawn Reilly, Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson and Yolanda Medina, director of the UW-Milwaukee Military and Veterans Resource Center. Bands include combined North, South, and West Waukesha High School Marching Bands; the Waukesha Fire Department’s antique fire truck and color guard; combined veteran color guards of Vietnam Veterans of America; Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America; and the American Legion.

David H. Henry