Eagle View Elementary School sophomores take field trip downtown – Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

PEQUOT LAKES — Students at Eagle View Elementary School didn’t have to travel far to learn state standards for second-grade social studies in a fun and interactive way.

Students participated in a hands-on field trip on Friday, May 13 in downtown Pequot Lakes, where they learned about historical documents and artifacts and how they have changed over time during their visit to Pequot Lakes Historical Society Museum.

Eagle View Elementary School second graders Elijah Berry and Payton Tuomi discover an old clothes iron at the Pequot Lakes Region Historical Society Museum in the basement of the Cole Memorial Building in Pequot Lakes, Friday, May 13, 2022. Sharon Thurlow, in the background, showed the students around part of the museum.

Nancy Vogt / Echo Journal

They learned about community government from Mayor Tyler Gardner and visited Pequot Lakes City Hall.

They discovered the community through a search for landmarks. The students drew and colored some of the landmarks in a flipbook.

Landmarks included the murals, the bobber water tower, as well as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox’s chair in Bobber Park below the bobber water tower.

At the Trailside Park lookout, students worked to complete a worksheet that required them to locate key features and use cardinal directions while using a map of Pequot Lakes.

Eagle View second grade boys play by flag poles
Jacob Falenschek and Oliver Mraz, sophomores at Eagle View Elementary School, play flagpoles on Main Street during a field trip Friday, May 13, 2022.

Nancy Vogt / Echo Journal

Students worked to identify and locate states and their flags at the flag display on Main Street. They colored the states on a template as they found them.

Classes also enjoyed a walk along the Paul Bunyan Trail. They had a “research” sheet and space to write adjectives on some of the objects.

It was a fun learning day, said teacher Belinda Reier.

David H. Henry