Five teenage musicians host benefit concert for Ukraine in downtown Annapolis – NBC4 Washington

A group of teenage musicians hold a benefit concert in downtown Annapolis, Maryland, on Saturday to raise funds for medical resources and other forms of assistance for Ukraine.

Five musicians make up Young Hope Annapolis, and their mission is to raise funds that will go directly to Project HOPE, “a global health and humanitarian organization providing medical supplies and emergency aid to address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine”, according to a Liberation media.

“As young people, we wanted to find ways to make a difference for Ukraine, even 5,000 miles away,” Young Hope Annapolis concert organizer Jack Shenk said in the statement. “We have tons of musical talent here in the Annapolis area, so we decided to put on a benefit concert to encourage people to come together to bring hope and help to those struggling in Ukraine.”

Mayor Gavin Buckley said he found the musicians’ efforts “inspiring”.

“It’s always inspiring to see the next generation get involved, take action and work to make the world a better place. I applaud their initiative and encourage everyone to be generous in their support of this event,” Buckley said. .

David H. Henry