Full Spectrum leaves downtown

Full Spectrum Photo & Audio has a long history in downtown Jefferson City, a legacy it continues in its next chapter.

Lloyd Grotjam’s long-standing business offers photography services, photo restoration and audio work, such as digitizing old tapes. He operated the business in the area for 42 years, moving from building to building before finally settling at 218 E. High in 1995.

The floor was originally covered in green carpeting, but now features a checkered marble floor that Grotjan found under layers of soil – thanks to a copy of the 1880s Jefferson City Daily Tribune that he found during the cleaning the building that mentioned the unique feature, he said.

Grotjam said it was one of many examples of how downtown and the building itself had changed over the years, as had the photo and audio industry.

“Things have changed so much,” he said. “I do the same things as before, I just don’t need the space. We had a studio and a darkroom, and now with digital photos, we just don’t need all that anymore. n don’t need as much physical space.”

The building sold out quickly and Grotjam moved in earlier this month, selling many of the store’s equipment, old photographs and historical artifacts.

Despite the downsizing, Grotjam said he was still in business. He plans to operate from space in a former music studio closer to his home, still offering all of his photo and audio services while considering a smaller retail space for future projects and transactions.

“I’ve loved being downtown all these years,” he said. “I’ve always viewed Full Spectrum Photo & Audio more as a service provider than a retailer. I was hoping to find someone who would buy the building and take over the business, but to find someone interested in the service is a rarity these days. I want our culture to promote the happiness and inner peace that comes with helping others.”

Grotjam can always be reached for his services at 573-635-0250.

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David H. Henry