Historic building in downtown New London will house Connecticut College students – NBC Connecticut

Connecticut College is entering into a new partnership that will bring dorm-style living to downtown New London. For the first time, the college will offer students a housing option on State Street.

“What we really wanted to do in this situation is provide students with the opportunity to live together, off campus and downtown,” explained Victor Arcelus, dean of students at Connecticut College.

High Tide Capital, a historic redevelopment firm, is renovating the historic building in Manwaring. Connecticut College leases the building to them to provide 21 units to students beginning in August 2022.

“These will be two-bedroom apartments, one-bedroom apartments as well as two-bedroom townhouses,” Arcelus said.

Connecticut College has worked for years with the City of New London to identify this type of partnership that would bring college housing to the city center.

The Manwaring Building will help the college meet its housing needs as enrollment is higher than expected, but it is also expected to play an important role in the continued revitalization of New London’s town centre.

“Students are already really engaged in the city of New London, and this is a new, different way to engage students in the city,” Arcelus said.

Mayor Michael Passero (D) said people have spent years dreaming of having university housing located downtown.

“To get some of the college life and college excitement, the kids are descending on our sidewalk downtown. We’re really looking forward to it,” Passero said.

The building is currently undergoing renovations, but is expected to welcome students in August.

David H. Henry