Historic Downtown Clinton Announces Phase 1 Walking Tour Complete – WYSH AM 1380

Historic Downtown Clinton has announced the completion of its new historic walking tour.

This walking tour features all-new plaques with historical information about 11 Clinton locations, including:

  • Academy Hill,
  • Anderson County Courthouse,
  • City of Clinton Field,
  • Clinton City Hall,
  • Clinton College,
  • Eagle Elbow,
  • Green McAdoo School,
  • Market Street
  • Terrapin Hill,
  • the springs of the city,
  • and the railway depot.

Historic Downtown Clinton says this first set of plaques is only the first phase of the walking tour and that funding for this project was provided by the Hollingsworth Foundation.

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Officials at the non-profit organization said they are working to raise funds to continue the next phase of public sites and will also be asking private building owners and residents of some of the iconic properties and history of the city to also join the tour.

Historic Downtown Clinton is developing maps for this tour to distribute to all visitors who wish to learn more about Clinton’s history.

In its announcement, the organization offered a special thank you to Vice President and Board Member Joey Smith, who conducted the research and wrote all of the information that appears on the plaques.

The ad ends by stating their hope that “this new addition is one that all Clinton residents are proud of and something that everyone will take advantage of.”

David H. Henry