Kenosha Creative Space Hosts Second Creative Space Fest Downtown |

On a hot and blustery Saturday afternoon, the Kenosha Creative Space welcomed the community to its second annual Creative Space Fest with live music, games, food and Downtown art vendors at 624 57th St.

The event, which began at 11 a.m., spanned 57th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. Vendors selling framed artwork, jewelry, clothing and food lined the sides of the street.

Live music started at 12:30 p.m., with a performance by Mykal Baas & The Delivery Men.

A separate performance area has been set up for acoustic music with Brent Mitchel kicking off these performances at 1:30.

The Creative Space Fest is held to raise funds for the Kenosha Creative Space, which aims to promote the arts within the community. Francisco Loyola, executive director of Kenosha Creative Space, said art and music are ways for people to connect with others who are different from them.

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“I see arts, music, food and dance as a way for the community to come together,” Loyola said. “It doesn’t matter the demographics or the background (of other people).”

Loyola said art is also a way to communicate similarities between people and spark important conversations.

Cole Stout, a jeweler, came to Creative Space Fest to sell handmade jewelry. “I’ve been there for two years,” Stoud said. “I mainly work with crystals, copper and silver alloys.”

Stout said they look forward to sharing their work with others, as well as enjoying the musicians lined up to play throughout the event.

“I really enjoy these kinds of events because they’re a really good opportunity for creatives to share the work they’re proud of with other people,” Stout said.

This was the first year that Cheryl Koehler, owner of Cherrellos, participated in the event. Koehler sells custom hand-dyed tie-dye clothing.

Koehler brought his own custom tie-dye creations to Creative Space Fest and brought clothes to dye for customers.

“I can’t wait for families to come and tie-dye,” Koehler said. “I’ve pre-packaged a whole bunch of spiral tinctures, so you can buy tincture here and be able to wrap it up and take it home.”

Koehler said this was his first workshop, aside from hosting one for his nephew’s birthday party.

Michelle Warnecke, who is a member of Indigo Canyon, said arts funding is important to her because it helps people meet other people.

“I think it probably really helps with mental health and helps connect the community together,” Warnecke said, “and helps people feel comfortable expressing themselves. I think it’s good for many things.

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