Knoxville creates plan for Greyhound to use downtown transit hub

April 18.

A spokesperson for the city of Knoxville said they were unaware of Greyhound’s plans after the sale of the Magnolia station and contacted Greyhound with concerns about drop-off and pick-up location. charge of Cherry Street. According to Stephanie Welch, Chief of Economic and Community Development, city staff assessed the condition of the area and concluded that the city’s infrastructure, including lighting and roadway, did not need to be repaired. repair or upgrade.

Welch added that they recommended Greyhound establish a service point at a partner company with 24-hour operations. the Downtown Transit Center, which was created to support Knoxville Area Transit.

While the city claims the center does not have the capacity to accommodate both KAT and Greyhound, the arrangement would allow Greyhound to use the center overnight, when KAT is not operating.

“Adopting an arrangement for private use of a public facility will require sufficient time and due diligence to ensure compliance with procurement processes, and will need to be approved by City Council. Additionally, a lease at the Transit Center will not meet Greyhound’s needs during KAT hours of operation. For these reasons, we continue to encourage Greyhound to find an alternate location for its service in partnership with a private entity,” Welch wrote.

Additionally, Knoxville police officers include new drop-off and pick-up location checks as part of their routine patrols.

David H. Henry