Lamborghini owner who was the victim of an attempted downtown robbery speaks out

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LOS ANGELES (KCAL) – A Lamborghini owner who was the victim of a home robbery attempt who was caught on camera is offering what is believed to be the first cryptocurrency reward of its kind, hoping to send a message indicating that this behavior cannot be tolerated.

The incident happened on March 6, outside of a high-rise apartment building in downtown Los Angeles.

“I mean, at this time, you could have talked to a family member about my funeral,” the victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told CBSLA in an exclusive interview.

There is no doubt in the man’s mind that he could have been killed during the attempted robbery. He said video of the attack shows the most terrifying night of his life, as he fought with the two men, one of whom had a gun.

Los Angeles Police Department investigators believe the victim was followed home after dinner at an upscale restaurant when she jumped outside the doors of her building, not far from her Lamborghini.

“And at that point they were like running the car keys and the watch and I think at that point I just went blank. I look into the eyes of the individual who got approached me and I realize that person has a killer mindset,” the man told CBSLA.

The video, released by LAPD, shows two cars appearing to be together, with one suspect from each car exiting to approach the victim and one point, whipping him with a pistol, although he fired back.

In the end, the suspects were unable to steal any property from the man, but left him shaken and angry.

“I’m not creating problems for anyone. I work hard for everything. So for someone to feel like they might just be raping, that’s not right and it’s not right,” he said. “The way I was raised, you know, you work hard for everything. I’ve never been part of something so chaotic in my entire life.

According to the victim, would-be thieves missed an opportunity because his success is rooted in helping people get rich through his work with the Pablo Token cryptocurrency.

“Showing people how to achieve financial freedom in different ways. We create jobs. You know, anybody could come up and say, ‘Hey look, how did you get to this, how could we be a part of this,’ and we’re always ready to help,” he said.

Now, Pablo Token is offering 20,000 in crypto for information that leads to the arrest of suspects, and hopes to send a message to those who choose to do wrong.

“You did all this to leave me empty-handed and look like a real fool.”

The victim kept his million-dollar car and his watch, which is also worth a million dollars, which is good news, but the attempted thefts took his sense of peace. In fact, he said he didn’t return to the entrance where it happened until today, to meet with CBSLA. This is the level of trauma he says he experiences.

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David H. Henry