Lamont sur Mansfield: “This downtown just keeps growing”

April 23 – MANSFIELD – Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont said Friday he was impressed with downtown Mansfield.

“This downtown just keeps growing,” he said. ” I like this. I think it brings young people and seniors here. I think it’s good for college and great for Mansfield.

In fact, Lamont loves downtown Mansfield so much that he has backed millions of dollars in grants so Mansfield can build a nearby housing estate on South Eagleville Road and improve safety in the area.

During an informal visit with city officials on Friday, he highlighted this project and its funding.

On April 6, the state awarded $45 million to 12 cities and towns through its administration’s newly created Connecticut Communities Challenge Grant Program.

Mansfield was among the towns receiving grants, getting a total of $4,854,595.

As a result, the city will partner with Mansfield Nonprofit Housing Development Corp. to develop Eagleville Green, a 42-unit mixed-income housing development on South Eagleville Road, an affordable housing project that forms part of the Mansfield Development Plan.

Grant funding will also be used to improve pedestrian safety and extend sidewalks and pathways on South Eagleville Road.

Additionally, some of the money will also go towards improving the west entrance to Storrs town centre.

Mansfield Mayor Antonia Moran said the city was unsure of the construction schedule for Eagleville Green.

The Connecticut Communities Challenge program was created last year to fund a wide range of revitalization projects, with the goal of creating about 3,000 new jobs.

The program is part of the Lamont Economic Action Plan, a strategic set of initiatives totaling more than $750 million over five years.

It is matched approximately dollar for dollar by private and other non-state funding that is expected to create 80,000 new jobs statewide.

The grants awarded April 6 were part of the first round of funding under the Connecticut Communities Challenge Grant Program, administered by the State Department of

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David H. Henry