Laredo Main Street to Host Downtown Mother’s Day Jamboozie Event

Mother’s Day in Laredo is celebrated with music, especially with a mariachi serenata, food, and the purchase of gifts for moms. And a local organization just announced plans to bring an event to the community while trying to revive one of the city’s hardest-hit neighborhoods from the pandemic.

Laredo Main Street has announced plans to hold a Mother’s Day event under the Jamboozie umbrella as they plan to hold various Jamboozie events throughout the year instead of one large event with the aim to bring the community downtown.

The event plans to bring together mothers, vendors, food vendors and downtown residents.

“On May 7, we are going to organize a festival for Mother’s Day, which is called “Mananitas Para las Mamas Festival”, because we want to mark Mother’s Day and invite the general public to come downtown, spend time with us and enjoy the festival,” said Dr. Marcela Uribe, Executive Director of Laredo Main Street. Farragut Street.

Uribe said Farragut is one of the most important streets in Laredo because they have arts and crafts and many other local shops that many people don’t visit during normal hours. However, the hope is that organizing events like this might bring more people to the area.

“It’s part of the Jamboozie series because this year, instead of having one full day event, we’re splitting it up into different events throughout the year. So it’s the second event this year as we had it before the St. Patrick’s Day Crawl,” Uribe said. “Jamboozie is known because it’s a music festival, and that’s why we also have entertainment during this festival, because it’s part of the series for Jamboozie.”

According to Uribe, since the start of these events in March, they have had some success with the public. She says people want to get back to some normality after the peak of the pandemic, which is more of an incentive to venture out and enjoy new things and activities like these.

Uribe says celebrating Mother’s Day at an event downtown was a perfect idea. This takes into account the importance of mothers to local Hispanic culture and the fact that many mothers also enjoy shopping, as it allows them to see their favorite vendors and shops.

“Mexican culture, we’re a very family-oriented community, and that was our perfect combination, I think, to have the festival that day,” Uribe said.

Uribe said these events help much of the downtown community showcase their various businesses and the kind of entertainment they can offer. She says pub crawls show locals there is nightlife and entertainment in the neighborhood, while daytime festivals help show how there are businesses opening up.

Uribe says events like these were necessary given how the pandemic has affected downtown, as bridges have been closed for over a year and a half and many businesses have had to close.

“Not everything survived the pandemic because honestly we have a lot of vacancies in our area, but I think we want people to know that we are open and ready to do business,” Uribe said. “And if they want to bring their business downtown, I think they have a good opportunity right now because there are a lot of openings.”

Other events similar to the Mother’s Day Festival are also planned for the downtown district.

“Our program, Laredo Main Street, is an economic development program, and our goal is for people to actually know that there are efforts to revitalize downtown,” Uribe said. “So our goal is for people to know that downtown is open and ready for business so that we can bring a diverse community and diverse businesses to the area. We also have a historic place that we can be proud of. The main objective of our program is to showcase what we do downtown.

Other Laredo Main Street events that continue throughout the year are the Laredo Factory Outlet Farmer’s Market and other Jamboozie-style events. Laredo Main Street also hosts presentations on different neighborhoods and parts of downtown to show what the area has to offer.

David H. Henry