Large vehicles parked in downtown Rapid City pose safety concerns

RAPID CITY, SD – Rapid City Parking Enforcement has received more than a dozen calls this year for complaints about large vehicles parked facing the direction of traffic on Main Street and St. Joseph Street in downtown Rapid City.

These vehicles include trucks with large truck beds, work trucks, large SUVs, and cars that are not pulled to the curb.

Parking Enforcement is concerned about security, especially during the summer with the influx of tourists to the area.

Parking Enforcement Division Manager Anna Gilligan explains a potential safety hazard from large vehicles blocking traffic. Parking Enforcement explains that cars move into another lane of traffic to avoid parked vehicles.

“A vehicle having to leave its traffic lane to bypass a parked vehicle. So usually, you know, it’s someone cutting in the next lane and when there could potentially be someone in that next lane.

To avoid these types of situations, Gilligan urges drivers of large vehicles to avoid parking downtown on streets like Main Street and park on side streets on Sixth and Seventh Street.

“Our suggestion for these extended cab vehicles is that if your vehicle cannot fit into one of these parking spaces, instead of parking on Main Street or St. Joseph Street, they park on one from the side streets of Seventh Street or Sixth Street, where these spaces are somewhat larger.

According to a press release, Parking Enforcement will attempt to contact the registered owner of the vehicle, through the Rapid City Police Department, and if they are unable to reach the owner, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense in more than a dollar of $25. quote.

David H. Henry