Letter: Stay downtown | Letters

I tried to find the right things to say about the Coos Bay Public Library move. Then I read Crystal Shoji’s letter to the editor of April 15, 2022. It perfectly summed up my feelings about the history of the library and its importance to downtown Coos Bay. Thanks, Crystal.

Now for my personal feelings about the library. I got my first library card at the “new” library in 1967, when I was eleven years old. This was a memorable 6th grade classroom excursion (and we walked there from Blossom Gulch Elementary). I have been a regular member of the library for 54 years. I have always loved the library and its convenient location.

I would of course like to see the library in a location that would be more convenient for more of the Coos County area. I live in Eastside, so the North Bend Public Library is closer than the proposed new location in Empire. I also like the library in North Bend, so this will be my new library if this new location passes. I think of people who live up river and people who live south of town who would also find the North Bend Library closer to them.

I believe what Crystal said about the existence of other suitable land in Coos Bay that is outside of the tsunami and floodplain areas. I also remember emotionally walking to the library from Blossom Gulch, Marshfield Junior High and Marshfield High at the time. It seems like a new location would take away that wonderful feature of being downtown.

David H. Henry