local COM’N. Funk Band prepares the first video shoot in downtown Marshall | News

Marshall’s own COM’N. Funk Band will return to the stage on Saturday April 30 to record their first video shoot, nearly a year after making their Telegraph Stage debut.

“We’ve been in the studio. We recorded a song. We’re going to release it in May, so we’re shooting a video next Saturday on Telegraph Stage,” shared member and drummer Mike Mitchell.

The song is a remake of the legendary 80s Gap Band jam “Humpin'”. The local COM’N Funk Band put a new spin on the song, celebrating the mid-work week, Wednesday, commonly referred to as “Hump Day.”

He said their newly recorded song had been a smash hit so far, attracting listeners as young as 10, describing it as “fire”.

“Everyone loves the song,” Mitchell said.

The group invites the public to come and be part of the highly anticipated video shoot.

“Anyone can hang out,” Mitchell said.

The band even created a line dance to complement the new jam.

“It’s just starting to be a big deal,” Mitchell said. “We invite everyone to come out and be part of the video.”

The song will feature local lyricist Tyson Manning, whose stage name is “Professor T-Money.”

“He does a rap,” Mitchell said. “We try to bridge the gap between young and old. We hook the song, but Tyson fronts it with the rap.

“It’s all homegrown – a homegrown band; local rapper,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said the local band decided to do a remake of the Gap Band song because the ’80s band represented the lively, fun jazz and rhythm and blues sounds that COM’N. Funk Band emits.

“The name of our group is COM’N. Funk. That’s the kind of music we make,” Mitchell said. “It was the music that was big at the time.

“We’re trying to get people back to having a good time, partying, dancing and enjoying life,” he said.

Mitchell says COM’N. Funk always strives to create clean, fun music for the whole family. They hope to reach a diverse audience.

“We decided to do it on the outside where everyone could be a part of it – Black, white, Mexican – it makes no difference,” Mitchell said.

Participants will not only have the chance to listen to great music, but also learn a new line dance while filming the video.

“We went out and found a lady to create a line dance to the song. She’s going to teach dance,” Mitchell said. “What I’m asking her to do is I want her to bring her line dancing class. They will be in front and the people behind them can dance with them.

The video shoot will start at noon and continue until the end. Mitchell said the band has plenty more in store. The members are excited about the future of the group.

“We’ve been in this business for a long time,” he said, recalling how they started playing together mostly as backup bands for the headliners.

“We didn’t go in there to try not to be a major artist, but if it happens, it happens,” Mitchell said.

The band members have been performing together for approximately 30 years, entertaining crowds at various venues including parties, weddings, festivals and more. They debuted as a group last year over Memorial Day weekend.

The band members are mostly proud to be able to represent their hometown and continue to build on Marshall’s great musical legacy.

“We are from home. You have a local band and we just thought about how Boogie Woogie came out of Marshall being the first R&B band that came from a small town in East Texas,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell encourages the public to come out next Saturday, April 30, and join the group in having a good time while filming the video.

“Bring an open mind and fun and be part of something that’s going to be global,” he said. “We try to get as many people out as possible.

“We are a kid-friendly group,” he added. “We don’t make vulgar music; we do not curse. We love Marshall and want to put him on the map, more than he already is with Boogie Woogie.

The name of the group is inspired by its members – Carl Mitchell, Oscar Jernegons, Mike Mitchell and Nathan Thomas. The C is for Carl, the O for Oscar, the M for Mike and the N for Nate.

Mike Mitchell is the band’s drummer; Carl Mitchell plays bass. New York native and Wiley College graduate Oscar Jernegons plays keyboards, Derrick Beck plays keyboards and Nathan Thomas strums guitar.

David H. Henry