Local festival helps downtown businesses

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – The local festival drew people from across northeast Arkansas, prompting a business boom in downtown Jonesboro.

Many local businesses saw record numbers this weekend as Local Fest unfolded.

The restaurants put on live music and comedy shows bringing people from the street to come and watch.

“It’s the most stable I’ve seen of us and being constantly busy and we had all the tables seated,” said Danny Nanney, bartender at Yes Dog.

Queues were out the door at most downtown restaurants during lunch.

Adrian Dorsey, manager of Eleanor’s Pizza, said that in the past two days they had made over $2,500 in business, and for them it was extremely busy.

The restaurant had its highest sales day of the entire year on Saturday and was on track to top that Sunday.

Dorsey said they have bands scheduled all day Sunday.

The festival aimed to get downtown and have a good time while supporting local businesses and musicians.

Nancy Owens of The Recovery Room said, “The downtown community and support, so festivals like this, we’re totally into it and loving it.”

Summer is usually slow, according to Buff City Soap employees. During the festival, they were slammed.

“Yesterday, with the festival going on, a lot more people came, and the store was so busy that there were points where it was difficult to walk through the store. It was great to see a lot more customers,” said Buff City Soap employee Audra McMillen.

This is the first year the local festival has been held and downtown business owners are excited for the next one.

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David H. Henry