Pole fire leaves town center in the dark – The Suffolk News-Herald

A fire at a utility pole caused a power outage that cut service to more than 900 Dominion Energy customers in Suffolk for nine hours on Wednesday.

The pole fire occurred at York and Fayette streets, just off Carolina Road, and was reported at 10:36 a.m., according to Dominion spokeswoman Paula Miller. It left 942 customers, including many downtown businesses, residents, the Godwin Courts Building and others, without power.

The pole fire broke the pole crosspiece and destroyed Dominion’s circuit breaker circuit, Miller said, leading to the outage.

Mod Olive and The Plaid Turnip restaurants on North Main Street closed early as a result, and Amici’s Pizza Café and Sushi Aka on West Washington Street remained closed Wednesday due to the outage, according to posts from their respective Facebook pages. The West Washington Street location of Wall St. Café was also hit, and Suffolk Sheet Metal on Granby Street reported their phone lines were down.

On its Facebook page, The Mod Olive and The Plaid Turnip reported that they suffered damage due to the outage and that, while repairs were completed on Thursday afternoon, they would remain closed until 7 a.m. Friday.

The city’s Workforce Development Center and Godwin Courts building on North Main Street closed before noon Wednesday, and the Suffolk Public Schools administrative office, also on North Main Street, closed at 2 p.m. , claiming that he had suffered a partial breakdown. The Suffolk News-Herald office, in the same building as the Workforce Development Center, also lost power.

Hormel’s Planters Peanuts facility on Culloden Street also lost power, and it was the last location to be restored on Wednesday.

By 1:30 p.m. Dominion had restored power to 582 customers, and by 6:05 p.m. all but Planters Peanuts had power restored.

The planters weren’t turned back on until 7:50 p.m., which, “because they had a regulator failure during the outage,” Miller said, “it took a little longer because we had then two current work orders”. at the same time, but all part of the same original pole light.

David H. Henry