Public House in downtown Ferndale launches new vegan menu

Public House in downtown Ferndale launches new vegan menu

(Hometown Restaurant Group, June 17, 2022)

Ferndale, MI – Public House, 241 W. 9 Mile, in downtown Ferndale, and culinary consultant Meghan Shaw have teamed up to put a creative and inspiring spin on the restaurant’s vegan offerings, with an updated vegan dinner menu day from Monday, June 20. , and a new vegan brunch menu on Saturday, June 25.

Shaw is a veteran of Metro Detroit’s restaurant industry, including the kitchen of Public House partner restaurant One-Eyed Betty’s, and was the co-founder of the pop-up vegan restaurant Street Beet. Known for bringing a delicious vegan twist to mainstream chain restaurant offerings, Shaw is responsible for some of the region’s most creative vegan offerings. She recently agreed to serve as a culinary consultant to Public House and bring her vision to Ferndale.

Vegan menu favourites, such as BBQ-smoked carrots, poutine and summer beet salad, will remain on the dinner menu and will be joined by a dozen new Shaw-designed creations.

Fried “Chikn” Sammie is spicy or traditional, and is a vegan version of the classic crispy chicken with pickles and gravy on a bun, but with juicier, tastier protein than most traditional fast food versions.

Fish & Chips also returns to the menu, this time on the vegan side with marinated and beer-battered tofu and served with perfect fries, coleslaw and malt vinegar aioli.

The Public House garden burger was replaced with an impossible “bacon” cheeseburger, topped with vegan tempeh bacon, steak sauce aioli and crispy fried onions.

Other items that will be available from Monday, June 20 on the Vegan Dinner menu include Vegan Po’ Boy with Crispy Smoked Mushrooms; a plate of enchilada burrito; Queso Dippy; Lemon Pepper Wet Wings and Nacho Libre (vegan nachos with chorizo, pico, peppers and guacamole).

New vegan brunch items will be added and available starting Saturday, June 25. The new menu will once again retain menu favorites such as birthday French toast, hash and salads, but brings a new set of vegan brunch plates and sandwiches. The Griddler Sammy is a vegan sausage patty with just egg and cheddar between two pancake buns that will have fast food lovers looking for the Golden Arches, while the Chik’n in a Biscuit features a thick vegan chicken breast and pickles served on a jalapeno-cheddar cracker, and topped with a tangy honey sauce.

New vegan brunch plates also include Chickn’ & Waffles; a tempeh-bacon Monte Cristo; crispy shrimp and grits; a “crab” pancake bene; and wet breakfast burrito. The new vegan menu items are joined by additional items to the traditional Public House menu, including Verlasso salmon in tomato broth; flank steak served with cucumber salad; and red shrimp tacos. Opened in 2013 as a classic American bar with a gritty attitude, creative cuisine and great craft cocktails, Public House was purchased and remodeled in 2021 by Ferndale-based Hometown Restaurant Group.

Today, Public House preserves the best elements of its past and softens the rough edges with separate vegan and traditional kitchens, a four-season garden patio, and a bar. Hometown Restaurant Group includes Public House; One-Eyed Betty’s, 175 W. Troy St.; Pop’s for Italian, 280 W. 9 Mile; and Tigerlily, 231 W. 9 Mile (formerly Antihero), slated to open summer 2022.

In addition to working with Public House as a culinary consultant, Shaw will compete with other Hometown Restaurant Group chefs on Sunday, June 26 in the Hometown Pasta Slam Challenge, which will pit Shaw against five other chefs to create their best pasta dish. The winner of the event will see their pasta dish appear on the menu at Pop’s for Italian for six months.

More information about Pasta Slam can be found at Hometown Restaurant Group is a community of restaurants located in downtown Ferndale, Michigan, each with its own identity and flavor with a shared vision to invigorate our city. We do this through the continuous evolution of food, drink and service to evoke a positive emotional response with our customers and staff. We believe that a commitment to our people, our community and uncompromising core values ​​should always guide our actions. Learn more about Public House at

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