Sioux City Pride Festival returns to downtown

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Sioux City Pride Festival returned to downtown Sioux City on Saturday.

Although the event offered many activities, the festival continues to be an outlet for some to be themselves.

“We are here to celebrate diversity and the rights of everyone. And this is our special bonding moment, the celebration of mother and daughter,” said attendee Katie Johnson.

The Siouxland Pride Alliance held its annual Pride Festival on 4th Street outside the Sioux City Public Museum.

“Music, arts and crafts for the kids, face painting, we’ve got free lunch, we’ve got grilled burgers and hot dogs and it’s going to be a fun day for everyone,” said Karen Mackey, Vice President of the Siouxland Pride Alliance.

Mackey said Sioux City used to host Pride events.

“There have been pride activities dating back to the late seventies. So Siouxland Pride Alliance has been running free pride activities for ten years,” Mackey said.

Allow people to be themselves.

“People in this community are generally supportive of the LGBTQ community. Now, when we had our parade the other night, we got some, you know, unfortunate comments on Facebook, but you know what? It is a slim minority. Most people live and let live in this community,” Mackey said.

And this year, some people attended the festival for the first time, finding a welcoming place to belong.

“So I come from kind of a homophobic family, so I can be myself here and be myself with my friends,” said Kaylee Arens, a first-time participant.

“Pride and Pride festivals as a whole are kind of about community and building relationships and kind of being able to see everyone who’s like you and know that it’s okay,” Jared said. Kamrath, a first participant.

David H. Henry