Take 2: Cast, crew for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ back in Newmarket town center for filming

Film crews will return to Newmarket town center to complete scenes for the popular TV show ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

The major production company, cast and crew will be back downtown to shoot rescheduled and new scenes from June 12-16.

In a statement released June 10, the city said it continues to work closely with the production company to balance community impact by using multiple locations, including private parking lots, to meet the needs of production and distribute them with the aim of reducing potential congestion.

He adds that the filming permits and fees will bring in almost $50,000 for the city, which does not include the additional positive economic impacts that will come from hotel reservations and hundreds of stores and restaurants from the cast and of the team in Newmarket.

The last filming in March is estimated to have had an overall economic impact of $200,000.

Although the city never revealed the name of the show being filmed, YorkRegion.com was able to confirm that it is “The Handmaid’s Tale” from other sources.

Here’s what you need to know:

About the shoot:

From June 12 to 16, filming and production will take place downtown. This will involve the temporary removal of signs and disruptions to street parking, which will be similar to the previous shoot.

• Go-live days: June 12 (morning)

• Shooting days: June 12 to 15

• End of filming on June 15 at 1 a.m.

• Locations: Old Town Hall (interior and exterior), Place du Marché and surroundings.

Parking Closures and Disruptions:

• June 14, 8 am to 10 am, intermittent street closures on Main Street, corner of Botsford Street. A small portion of Main will be shut down for three-minute intervals to film a scene. It will reopen between shots to allow traffic to pass.

• From June 12-16, intermittent road closures to vehicular traffic along Timothy and Botsford Streets and Market Square Lane during filming days (Main Street to Old Town Hall). Detour routes are available along Park Avenue, Queen Street and Millard Avenue.

• Limited public parking on streets along Timothy and Botsford (from Main Street to Old Town Hall). Note: This only affects a minimum number of spaces reserved for timed parking.

• No parking at the old town hall

• Prohibited parking and use of part of the market square parking lot (will reopen on June 16)

• The Lions Park parking lot (Gorman Outdoor Pool) will be used as additional parking for the production crew. Some spaces will be made available to residents.

• The private car park of Saint Paul’s Church will be used by the film crew

• Ray Twinney Recreation Complex south parking lot is in use until June 16

• City Enforcement Officers will place notices on vehicles parked in spaces the day before parking spaces close (June 11-12 for Timothy, Botsford and Market Square). Vehicles must be relocated before 7 a.m. on the morning of closing. If any vehicles remain in the lots at the time of closing, they will be towed by the city contractor to the P3 parking lot near Riverwalk Commons. Towing is at the expense of the production company.

• Other parking spaces include aall parking lots east of Main (P1, P3 and P7) around Riverwalk Commons, Fairy Lake and Main Street Parking (following 30 minute parking limits)

Questions and Concerns:

• Residents can contact the City’s Film Helpline at 905-716-9800

For general, non-emergency inquiries, contact City Customer Service at [email protected] or 905-895-5193 and press 3 if after hours.

For a complete map of the areas impacted by the filming permit, go to heynewmarket.ca/filming.

David H. Henry