The artists’ guild organizes an exhibition downtown | New

The Owensboro Art Guild held its 2nd annual downtown fine arts fair Saturday at Fetta Specialty Pizza & Spirits.

There was an array of artistic mediums represented, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, mosaics, pottery and jewelry.

Woodcarver Patrick Bennett said he started working on his art during the COVID-19 pandemic, with his first piece called “Quarantine”.

“A lot of my work is about mental health,” he said. “Everyone deals with mental health differently, and it’s a subject that’s personal to me.

“Ultimately, I want to create more interactive pieces so people can become the art.”

Bennett is new to the guild and some of the work he produces is for his mastery.

Acrylic artist for Dale Grasela, also known as Artwork Orange, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2019. Shortly after his diagnosis, Grasela began creating artwork for, which are works of art created from paint poured into cups and similar objects.

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“For most of my life, starting from my childhood, I always drew; I always had a pencil in my hand,” he said. “My mum was doing a room redo at her house and said she wanted some abstract pieces so I researched different techniques and came across the art of casting and thought that had the looked pretty easy, even if it wasn’t at first.”

Darin Evans, a metalworker, had a 20-year dream come true this year, and it was the only piece on display at his booth.

Evans created a metal dragon sculpture that circles around a battery and is connected to a smoke machine that exits through the dragon’s nose and mouth.

He had the dragon drawing completed for 20 years before the physical version was completed earlier this year. He was asked if he would attend the Music City Drum Show in Nashville, Tennessee, where drummers can show off their drums, network and hang out.

Evans, a drummer, decided to bring his dragon to life and incorporate his drums into the show. His work can also be seen at the Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens where he created a wire basket sculpture.

Vicki Hast, weaver, cultivates the willows that she uses for her weaving. In addition to baskets, she also creates gourd art and natural fiber art.

The trees that Hast grows produce different colors used in his work.

David H. Henry