The city of Pampa receives a grant for the revitalization of the city center

Submitted by City of Pampa

The City of Pampa received a $350,000 grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to improve the downtown area.

The Tx CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Downtown Revitalization Program funds infrastructure improvements to address deteriorating conditions in downtown or main streets of candidate communities. The grant program is administered by the TDA with funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Cities with less than 50,000 residents in the State of Texas are eligible to apply and permitted improvements include: sidewalks and lighting, water and/or sewer lines, road construction to include curbs and gutters and associated drainage, etc. The grant maximum is currently $350,000.

The City of Pampa began applying for a Downtown Revitalization Program grant in February 2020 and submitted its application in late August. Pampa was awarded twenty-eighth (28th) out of sixty-four (64) applications submitted that year, however, only the top twenty-one (21) applications were funded.

The City of Pampa reapplied to the program in May 2021. Pampa was awarded the tenth (10th) of thirty-three (33) applications under the 2021 Downtown Revitalization Program, and the City of Pampa received $350,000 in funding for sidewalk improvements in downtown Pampa. The initial phase of this project will consist of constructing new sidewalks, handrails, ramps, curbs and gutters and associated outbuildings on the east side of the 100 block of N Cuyler Street and the north side of the 100 block of W Foster Avenue. This will be the first of a multi-phase project over the next few years as additional funding becomes available.

Construction of the first phase is expected to begin in fall 2022.

David H. Henry