This talented Toronto street photographer takes candid shots of downtown commuters

If you’re a downtown commuter, chances are you’ve had a professional portrait done by a Toronto street photographer.

One photographer in particular, Anuoluwatobi Isaac Aniyi, has made captivating videos showing his process and posted them on social media.

More than just a simple step-by-step video showing raw footage edited with successive filters, it shows how he brings out the inner spirit of everyday people passing by, usually adding dreamy background music.

Living in Toronto for seven years, Aniyi has been into street photography for five years to express her love for the city.

“I was seduced by the city and I try to capture as much of it as possible,” Aniyi told blogTO.

“My current series started with a combination of trying to challenge my skills and rediscovering the city and its people.”

You might notice that all of his videos are captioned “get out there and live a little” – that’s a reference to that process of rediscovery, because that’s something we haven’t been able to do much over the last two years.

He tries to choose his subjects based on location, their interactions with their surroundings, and any interesting features he notices. A wide range of people are represented, and while some are very stylish, others are not dressed in the latest fashions.

“Sometimes people notice me with my camera and ask me for photos that I oblige myself with,” says Aniyi.

“Although it’s quite rare, a few people have asked not to have their likeness captured or used which I respect. When I go up and decide which one to share publicly, I gravitate towards those who tell a story in the video I have. captured as Good.”

Part of his secret method for capturing what looks like such moving images is a “Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filter” which Aniyi says helps “bloom” the light and soften the detail.

He has received great feedback on this recent series of work, which encourages him to expand to different areas of the city and even out of town for the series, as well as hosting special events. like street festivals.

If you like what you see, Aniyi usually takes a few paid gigs a month right now, and can be booked through her website where you can also find her portfolio.

David H. Henry