Two barbers pursue their dreams and open a downtown studio

Midland men looking to get their hair cut need only follow the barber poles around Wall Towers to visit the town’s brand new barber studio.

Co-owners Juan Vasquez and Joseph Morales will be waiting at the downtown barbershop they opened in March – the Apollo Barber Studio.

“Helping people feel good after just a haircut,” Morales said. “Just to boost their day from 45 minutes in a chair.”

Vasquez added that he really wanted to do something to give back to the community in a different way.

The duo hails from West Texas. Vasquez attended barber school in El Paso, and Morales split his time between Midland and Austin before opening the store. Downtown was attractive as there is a lot going on there and the area is constantly developing. Vasquez called downtown the heart of Midland. Morales added, “It doesn’t really feel like Midland in any way.”

Vasquez started working at a barbershop — as a shoe shiner — during his freshman year in high school. He started barbering two years ago.

“My freshman year in high school (2015), our house burned down and a good friend of ours, Esau Ramirez, kind of gave me a chance as a shoe shiner,” Vasquez said. “In my most difficult times, our community was there for me. Now later being able to come full circle and give back to the community has been great.

Morales started barbering three years ago. He also knows Ramirez from Buena Suerte Barbershop. It was Ramirez, he said, who took him under his wing after graduating from barber school to show him the ropes of a barbershop.

The name Apollo comes from three things related to the name of the Greek god: victory, prophecy and light.

“In a way, barbering is more than just a haircut,” Vasquez said. “Every time customers come in, we build relationships with them and, in a way, we talk about life and prophecy. We help each other be more successful in life with something as simple as a haircut.

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The opening of the barbershop was the talk of the building.

“We’re the new kids on the block and it’s been energizing to see this excitement around the opening of a hair salon downtown,” Morales said.

They offer haircuts ranging from gents style cuts to razor fades, beard sculpting and facials. They do hot towels on customers’ beards and carry an Austin beard line. The shop also has shirts available for sale.

“We’re a new era of barbering keeping it Texan,” Vasquez said.

Morales’ brother, Mark Madrid of Austin, helped design the interior of the studio. The studio has complimentary coffee and liquor bars to add to the experience. Morales and Vasquez each have their own guest rooms. Each room has a television, which can be changed to sports or a music genre for guests. Morales’ room is desert-themed. Vasquez’s room is urban Texas themed and features a neon sign that says “Al Cien.”

“My dad passed away in 2020 from COVID but something he always said to me and my brothers was ‘Everything you do, you do Al Cien,'” Vasquez said. “Al Cien means ‘100%’. I wanted to have something in my room that would remind me of it daily.

The studio is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday at 203 W. Wall St., Suite 107.

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David H. Henry