Worthington parishioners celebrate Corpus Christi with parade downtown – The Globe

WORTHINGTON — Hundreds of parishioners at St. Mary’s 11 a.m. Spanish Mass marched from the church to the 10th Street Pavilion on Sunday in honor of the feast of Corpus Christi, the presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the church’s communion ritual of bread and wine.

It was the first time since 2019 that the church could hold the parade, which included stops for praise at several stations, including Noah’s Ark and The Last Supper, as young and old marched down 10th Street in Worthington.

“It’s been going on for years,” said Raquel Avila, a UFCW Local 663 representative who joined in the celebration.

Along the route, the parishioners received a blessing.

One of the stations set up along the parade route was The Last Supper, showing how the bread and wine represent the body and blood of Jesus.

Julie Buntjer / The Globe

“It’s celebrated around the world by Catholics,” Avila said. “We come together to honor the sacred body of Jesus Christ. We celebrate by making the procession to the pavilion to honor and remember. Thanks to him, we are here.

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A participant in the Corpus Christi Day Parade on Sunday, June 19, 2022, in downtown Worthington, carried red and white roses, symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Julie Buntjer / The Globe

The parade included several young girls in white dresses, each of whom celebrated their first communion on Sunday, and a float with music of praise by local musicians and singers.

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St. Mary’s parishioners take part in the Corpus Christi Day Parade down 10th Street in Worthington on Sunday afternoon, June 19, 2022.

Julie Buntjer / The Globe

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